Letter to Iowa Library Association


In my role as government oversight for the State of Iowa, I wanted to share with you this letter I just had to send to the Iowa Library Association.


I never in my life thought I would have to send a letter like this, but it's absolutely appalling the degeneracy and perversion we've seen targeted at children.

Please read my letter -- below, I've included documentation of what we've seen in Iowa classrooms to support my claims, and it's not pretty -- so viewer discretion is advised. 


Rep. Shipley highlights need for Iowa’s complete separation from American Library Association

Iowa Library Association & Iowa Association of School Librarians  ATTN: President Sam Helmick, Director Mike Wright

6919 Vista Drive   West Des Moines, IA 50266

August 3rd, 2023

Dear President Helmick and Director Wright, 


Over the last few legislative sessions, Iowa lawmakers have worked diligently to build consensus as a state on appropriate curriculum for children, and the proper methods and standards for instruction on complex social topics in schools.

Unfortunately, the American Library Association (ALA) has emerged as a key source of divisive concepts and radical ideology, undermining the work of the Iowa Legislature and the current consensus on these topics.

The radical subversion of the ALA is extensive, threatening harm to the health and wellness of children, and social stability as a whole:


  • Selected a self-proclaimed “Marxist lesbian” as its president.
  • Awarded its James Madison Award to George Soros. 
  • Promoted drag queen story hours for children as young as toddlers. 
  • Promoted Critical Race Theory.
  • Promoted sexual content to minors. 
  • Conspired to prevent Christians from holding events at public libraries. 
  • Supported radical and divisive diversity programs. 
  • Pushed highly inappropriate and sexualized reading lists at libraries. 
  • Pushed gender ideology content to minors. 


This past legislative session, the House Government Oversight Committee held hearings for concerned parents and school officials to address the alarming trend of sexually explicit materials in school libraries, and to clarify the existing law surrounding the distribution of obscene materials to minors.


The Legislature then changed Iowa law (SF 496) to ensure that all materials in school libraries are age appropriate, and that school children would not be exposed to descriptions and images of “sex acts” as defined in Iowa code 702.17.

The House Government Oversight Committee further found a distinct overlap between sexually explicit books, and books promoting radical gender ideology targeted towards children. 


Exposing youth to sexually explicit materials and radical gender ideology among children is apparently meant to foment a higher rate of destabilizing identity disorders, and accompanying experimental medicalization, with the potential to result in infertility, and other debilitating lifetime conditions, such as higher risk of osteoporosis. For these reasons, the legislature took further action to prevent pre-pubescent exposure to radical gender ideology, (also contained within SF 496) and to prevent harmful medicalization of children (SF 538).


Since the efforts of the ALA is now directly at odds with numerous state laws in Iowa, it is urgently prudent for the Iowa Library Association to wholly separate and disassociate itself from the ALA, and reject in the strongest possible terms the exposure of young children to obscene materials, and subversive ideologies that undermine health and social stability.


Thank you for recognizing that an organization that would elect an avowed marxist is not the best reflection of Iowa values, and the cherished patriotic ideals widely celebrated in our families and communities.



Jeff Shipley





Thank you for reading -- I hope I can count on you to join me in ridding our state of the self-proclaimed marxists at the American Library Association.


Unfortunately, many people are still in denial of the absurd content and VERY adult sexual themes being pushed on children at younger and younger ages.

WARNING, viewer discretion advised

Here are some examples that have been driving the controversy:

Let's Talk About It


instructing kids to text naked photos



instructing kids to view pornography



(blur courtesy of the New York Post)


Gender Queer







Please join me in ridding our schools of obscene smut and filth -- your urgent donation will go a long way to keep Iowa safe from the marxism and perversion of the American Library Association!




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