Big Challenges & Community Conversations


The 89th Iowa General Assembly is officially underway. Emotions are running high as we close out our second week.

Legislators and citizens alike are cognizant of the urgent need to confront pressing issues, while also mindfully navigating the explosive minefield of American politics in the post-Trump era.

It's once again my great honor to be sworn in and take my seat as the duly elected State Representative for Iowa House District 82.


Our Iowa Capitol is magnificent:


I admit, it's pretty sweet to work in this building.

Although at times, it can be an intimidating environment to work in...

But then I remember all the people who believe in me, support me, and have placed me in this position.

For you, I will always offer my very best service to the State of Iowa. My heart soars with gratitude for being entrusted with such magnificence.


Big Challenges:


1. Education

Our education system is by far the largest portion of our state budget, and is the area where citizens most rely on their government.

The uncertainty of the pandemic put enormous stress on our centralized school system, causing parents and students to spiral off in every direction.

The "social contract" fell apart. Government employees refused to offer services to the public.

Many parents were put in very difficult situations, attempting to juggle child care and work, while providing their kids with the education they thought their tax dollars were paying for.

The Governor asked the legislature to immediately send a law to her desk giving every student the option to attend in-person school full time.

Further, the Governor just released an ambitious education reform package that would allow "Student First Scholarships" for qualified applicants and those meeting the criteria of "competent private instruction."

Not everyone is excited about reform, but since certain special interest groups have been exposed, refusing to do their jobs....I'm hopeful that all Iowans will work together, learn the various aspects of school finance, and create a robust education system that provides support and flexibility for each and every Iowa student.


2. Governor's Health Emergency

Many Iowans were blindsided last year when all political power was concentrated in the Governor's office.

Liberty was readily sacrificed in the name of security, often leaving Iowans flummoxed by health protocols and dictates that failed to adhere to common sense.

There are several reforms in the works relating to protecting the rights and liberties of Iowans at all times.

This is not meant as an outright criticism of our beloved Governor. Governor Reynolds has been a nationwide leader in proper management of this health crisis.

However: "We the People" must always ensure government is subservient to us, not the other way around.


3. Real Health Support for Iowans

By all accounts, Iowans are less healthy overall then we were last year.

Stress, confusion, and uncertainty is a huge drain on a person's health.

I'm hopeful the legislature will take a fresh look at the Iowa Department of Public Health and discuss ways we can promote the health of Iowans across the board.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies will be a key topic in this area, and I'm excited to present legislation on this subject in the week ahead.


4. Medical Freedom

One of the most important policy questions coming from the pandemic is:

"Can an employer require a vaccination as a condition of employment?"

This was a controversial question pre-COVID-19, as it related to requiring healthcare workers to require flu shots.

There is not yet a universal legal framework to address this question. Lawsuits in various states have come down on both sides.

I am working on several proposals to make it clear in Iowa law, that employees have inherent medical freedoms which cannot be violated by their employer.


I need YOUR help

All of the issues listed above are complex and controversial.

For me to be successful in this position, it's imperative we find ways for all of us to come together and discuss these issues.

We are all equal under the law. So input from each individual is equally important.

The more we can come together to write the laws of Iowa, the more those laws will truly serve the people.


Community Conversations, Part 2

(online AND in-person)

Saturday, Jan. 23rd 10:30am-12:00pm

Phoenix Rising Hall, 207 W Burlington Avenue Fairfield

Last Saturday, we hosted our initial "Community Conversation" in response to another civic organization abdicating their role in hosting in-person forums.

You can view the recorded Facebook Live here:

It was such a successful event, I've been asked to host community conversations weekly. I was quick to agree given how much there is to talk about.

potential topics this week:
  • mask mandates-
  • censorship
  • WHO updates PCR testing guidelines
  • Governor's education bill
  • medical malpractice caps
  • psilocybin and entheogens
  • abortion neutrality amendment
  • proper role of technology

    ... anything else you'd like to discuss!

It's my position that legislative forums are essential business and are best held in person.

I understand that not everyone is comfortable returning to in-person events... so I'm hopeful the Facebook live stream offers an avenue for everyone to be involved.

For those who do show up, our events offer generous vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as immune supporting herbs, and probiotic gut support.

It's my intention that everyone who comes to a Peace Love Iowa event leaves healthier.

Political challenges mostly involve deep and difficult discussions and achieving consensus, we all must be involved in these discussions together. 

Please join the conversation this Saturday, 10:30am!


Peace Love Iowa

Many are realizing that we don't have political problems... more accurately, our society is facing spiritual problems.

Each Sunday, join us at the Phoenix Hall, 3:33pm, to collectively present our prayers and petitions to God and ask for help, guidance, and unconditional Love through whatever the future holds.

Afterwards, all are welcome for a community banquet at 5:30pm.

There's magic in breaking bread and enjoying fellowship around a meal.

It's my hope to offer a potluck banquet each Sunday to offer the most nourishing, delicious, locally crafted foods to the entire community.

It's an ambitious goal but I'm pleased at our progress!


Without a doubt, your emotional support and encouragement makes all the difference in my work.

Thank you to everyone who believes in me, and everyone who believes in human freedom.

Sincerely Yours in Health & Happiness,

Rep. Jeff Shipley


Big thanks to Maya for giving me the honor of submitting her citizen's petition of remonstrance expressing grievances on the emergency proclamation !


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