Medical Freedom

"Our Liberties We Prize, and Our Rights We Will Maintain" - Iowa Motto


I’ve always felt there is only one reason to be involved in politics at all:


"To recognize the sacred dignity of each and every human being as children of God."


Hence, I’ve had a very difficult time coping with the “new normal” of COVID-19…


  • Big tech censorship of controversial, thought-provoking ideas
  • Complete and total digital surveillance of everyone
  • Government enforced social isolation
  • Mandatory medical procedures, testing, masking, and vaccination.

Doesn't seem very becoming of our divine origins and potential.

...imagine living in a world where the simple act of smiling, showing one’s face, or hugging a loved one is taboo.


Reads a bit like a science fiction dystopia...


This is the world we now find ourselves.


Thankfully, many Iowans I speak to and hear from are resolute:


“Mandatory vaccination is my line in the sand!”




As a free people, we must define clear boundaries of where individual safety meets collective health and security.


This is a discussion we all must have together.


I know some people are naively hopeful that the day of forced vaccination will never come…


Sadly, the day is already here. 

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Those who feel strongly about their bodily autonomy, individual sovereignty, and the sacredness of their personal health must speak up clearly and unequivocally.


I am happy to amplify your voice however I can.


Similarly, I am thankful for Informed Choice Iowa for equipping me with the knowledge and courage required for the extremely complex and contentious topics of medical freedom and vaccine safety.

Thinking back to my arrival at the statehouse in early 2019, it felt like the scientific controversy of EMF/5G was plenty to keep me busy for a LONG time.


Then, with the help of ICI, I became acquainted with the laws governing vaccines and vaccine injury.


It felt like my life changed forever.


I was horribly ignorant of ALL the features of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, and my overall knowledge of the issue was shallow at best.


Thankfully freedom and liberty is always on my heart and mind, and the various vaccine safety activists, across the state and locally, are very graceful.



Together, we tackled several consequential vaccine-related issues, ensuring robust debate and discussion in House subcommittees:


  • HF 246 Workplace vaccination requirements, Immunization Informed Consent Act


  • HF 2139 Communicating religious exemption to all public school parents


  • HF 2141 Complete and accurate information, informed consent across all patients


Perhaps the biggest highlight of my first year in office, was  the Informed Choice Iowa : Empowered to Action Conference, Des Moines, November 16th 2019.


It was there I finally got to see legendary American political figure Robert F Kennedy Jr.


His command of law, science, health issues and his no-holds-bar rhetoric was captivating.


Meeting RFK Jr. as an outspoken voice for medical freedom and as an accomplished litigator inspired me to commit myself to the issue.



Vaccine safety is truly an area of law and policy that touches each and every one of us in an intimate way…


We need everyone to be involved in this discussion, no matter what you're beliefs are.


Personal health is sacred…


I wish to be conscious, aware, and knowledgeable about pharmaceutical interventions, and the total affect they have on human health.


I will never shy away from difficult issues, rather I will proceed boldly to pursue the best interests of everyone.


Serving as your State Representative has been the greatest honor of my life.


I'd appreciate the chance to continue my service, and be YOUR voice for Medical Freedom in Des Moines.


Please keep me, our nation, and our freedom, in your thoughts and prayers this Election Day.


Sincerely -- With Gratitude,


Jeff Shipley

State Representative

Iowa House District 82


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