We Will Not Comply -- Iowa Fights Back against Biden's Medical Tyranny


Joe Biden is leading America down a dark path...


Abusive Mandates: 

Last year's healthcare heroes are this year's unemployed. Abusing healthcare staff by violating bodily autonomy is causing a chronic shortage of staffed hospital beds.


Restricting Treatments: 

Cheap and effective treatments are forbidden because they threaten corporate "vaccine" market share. Restricting monoclonal antibody therapies is only the latest effort to deny patients access to effective treatments. 


Divide and Conquer: 

Joe Biden and the corporate media use fear and bad-faith "science" to pit the American people against one another, splitting our society with perpetual fear, division, and conflict. 


Violating Informed Consent: 

The post-marketing studies aren't due back to the FDA for several years, but Biden says everyone has to take the shot next month. There are legitimate medical and religious reasons why a person would decline this shot. Studies indicate the underreporting of adverse events resulting from the pandemic countermeasure.


If we don't act now, we can clearly see where this is headed, it's like a slow motion train-wreck.


As more and more workers are forced out of a job by federal mandates, Democrats cheer. 


Our healthcare system can't function without workers... Iowa's critical access rural hospitals are often short staffed as it is.


But Democrats seethe at anyone who thinks differently. In their twisted worldview, anyone who doesn't bow down to all-mighty government deserves to lose their job.


Joe Biden, or more realistically, his globalist handlers, are determined to erase the American concept of personal freedom. And to do it, they're willing to cripple our healthcare system with tyrannical rules and mandates while blaming it on "anti-vaxxers"


Remember, all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.


Unfortunately, Iowa Republicans have so far done nothing.


*** UPDATE: Iowa Republicans codified religious and medical exemptions to covid-19 employer vaccine mandates on 10/29/2021 

AND Iowa Division of Labor Commissioner Rod Roberts signaled to the federal OSHA that Iowa would not be implementing the Emergency Temporary Standard for vaccine mandates in businesses of over 100 employees.


So know full well, if Iowa's Republican leaders choose to take Biden's medical tyranny lying down, and refuse to protect the civil rights of the people, they will also be to blame when our healthcare system fails.


Draw the line in the sand and join the fight for our human rights, civil rights, and constitutionally guaranteed liberty.


Our US Constitution has been shredded by authoritarian dictates and unscientific mandates for 18 straight months, and Joe Biden threatens 80 millions Americans that more is to come...


Thankfully, the brave men and women of Iowa, especially our healthcare heroes, are standing by and shining bright for our God-given freedom and health.


Guided by the lessons of history, will we have what it takes to protect our liberty and save Iowa from the clutches of communism?


Failure is not an option -- We must fight back and win on all fronts. Win in our local communities, win in the courts, and absolutely we must win in the Iowa Legislature. 


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Let us make Iowa the freest state in the world.

Nations rise, empires fall... but together, the people of Iowa shall forever remain free.


Thank you for fighting for freedom.

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