Creating Satisfied Parents

"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day" --Thomas Jefferson 

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Among the biggest disruptions in the pandemic response has been in education.

"Return to Learn Plans" are creating unique political controversies in every school district across the state.

Governor Kim Reynolds was forced to step in with executive authority in response to educators' attempts to divorce students entirely from the classroom.

Locally in Fairfield, a surprise decision by the school district, cutting the in-person school days in half, blindsided many parents and students eager for return to normalcy.

Jefferson County virus activity remains minimal, it's hard to imagine the numbers could possibly get any better.

Parents across the town are urging the school board to reconsider their 4-3 decision to keep kids out of school.

Public concerns on Fairfield Community School District's "Stay Away from School Plan":

  • Lousy online programs, we need to be getting kids OFF electronic screens!
  • Gaps in internet and equipment, what kind of data plan do you need to zoom for hours each day?
  • Individual Education Programs Unsupported, the most vulnerable kids slip through the cracks when not in school
  • Financial Reality of Working Homes, how much more stress can working parents take?

If you are a tax-paying resident of the Fairfield Community School District, please review this petition and consider adding your signature.

The comments on the petition speak to the gravity of the situation for these parents and kids.

I am thankful for the opportunity to offer constructive comment at last night's board meeting.

I couldn't record the zoom meeting... 

So I recreated my comments on YouTube for the benefit of the public.

Please take a moment to listen to my proposal for school finance reform and let me know what you think!


I believe flexible education finance is the only way to truly satisfy parents.

Especially in a community as diverse as ours, with so many different approaches to education!

Let's ignite a passion for lifelong learning in our children.


At your service,

Rep. Jeff Shipley

Iowa House District 82


P.S. If you'd like the State of Iowa to create Education Savings Accounts for your child's future -- creating education freedom -- please support the Peace and Prosperity Committee with a generous contribution to make that happen next legislative session!




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