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Announcing our Public Health platform (DRAFT)


As campaign season heats up, I must put forth a platform to justify my re-election, to articulate my priorities to the public, as well as the concrete actions I will take (have taken) if elected.


It’s difficult only in the sense that there’s so much to talk about.


Public health will certainly be issue number one in the minds of voters.


It’s my position that we must have public health measures that are:

  • specific,
  • plausible
  • effective.

But it’s also my position that we’re drastically missing the mark on actually improving the health of people.


What's most dangerous to our personal health and well-being: viral illnesses, our dysfunctional immune systems, or a loved one addicted to drugs and suicidal?


As a community, you and I must strive to improve our health in all ways, always.

Physical health, mental health, spiritual health...


Written below is a draft of my public health platform.


The various planks represent public health crises in their own right, followed by references to legislation that could begin to address these problems.


Figuring out how to communicate clearly and concisely is a big political obstacle… I’d love your feedback on this rough draft and how to best communicate these topics to voters:




Jeff Shipley -- Public Health Hero:


Genuine Healing… from the inside out!


Rep. Jeff Shipley understands public health is best achieved by ensuring healthy individuals. 


Sadly, current public health strategies neglect underlying causes of illness, while corporate pharmaceuticals cash in on selling treatments, not cures.  Our nation’s health suffers as a result.


Below are several public health emergencies that can no longer be ignored:


  • Food & Nutrition is the foundation of health. Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals lead to physical and mental dysfunction. Obesity is everywhere and is the greatest predictor of hospitalization. Diabetes diagnoses are skyrocketing in children. Chronic inflammation sickens adults. Only by seriously examining our food habits can we reverse this trend, small changes can have a gigantic impact.(HF 183HF 293)




  • Environmental Contaminantsindustrial residues and other toxic chemicals pollute our environment and sneak into our body through our food and water. This includes micro-plastics, heavy metals, herbicide/pesticide residues, endocrine disruptors/hormone mimickers, and others. There is still a lot to be learned on the various contaminants, exposure sources, and the impact on human health.(HF 183,HF 550HF 2200)




  • Drug Addiction & Alcoholism destroys careers, lives, and entire families. Addiction rates are not improving and successful rehab is rare. Sometimes addiction can be explained by a person’s deeply felt trauma and pain. The current criminalization of addiction makes mental and emotional health afflictions nearly impossible to address. Rethinking the current system of prohibition could give addicts an easier way out of their self-destruction. (HF 2431HF 2208)




  • Allowing Healing Alternativesmodern medicine is miraculous, but also flawed and incomplete. It’s estimated that 250,000 people die annually due to “medical error.” There exist many “untreatable conditions” which leave patients desperate for alternatives. Yet alternatives aren’t always available. Diverse health practices such as; homeopathy, Ayurvedic, Chinese and Japanese herbal remedies, often have positive outcomes, but can’t be patented and made profitable, hence are inaccessible. (HF 332HF248HF 249)




  • Flexibility and Relaxation, people are too stiff and stressed out. Being rigid and inflexible is what causes humans to break. Health agencies and insurance can be geared towards preventive, proactive health measures and practices. This could be massage therapy, yoga, or even green juicing. Health should be broadly defined based on habits. (HF 244,HF 245)




  • Plague of pornography, human sexuality is being degraded and young people are incurring serious scars from their exposure to obscene videos. Due to the graphic and extreme nature of today’s smut, research indicates that porn seriously impairs a person’s ability to maintain devoted, satisfying relationships. Worse yet, teens are turning to porn to learn about sex and mimicking depravity. (HF 2239HF2199)




  • Radiation Exposure is prevalent everywhere. Reports indicate cell phones emitting radiation well beyond FCC limits, but there doesn’t seem to be any intention to enforce rules. The rules haven’t been updated in decades, placing consumers at the mercy of new radiation emitting technologies and unknown exposure levels. (HF 154HF 2112HF 2113HF 2114




  • Just Water, Please! Our water supplies are both deliberately and accidentally polluted. Additives to water, such as fluoride, highlights the public health lunacy common today. The justification for adding fluoride to public water is basically poor people won’t brush their teeth.To avoid side effects, fluoridated dental products could simply be provided to those in need. Recent research has associated prenatal fluoride exposure to severe loss in IQ, comparable to lead. (HF 187)




  • Vaccine Safety is paramount. Anyone who is injured by a pharmaceutical product deserves fair and just compensation. Damages should not be paid with tax dollars. The public deserves a robust and thorough discussion of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act to ensure the law is serving the people. (HF 2139HF 2141HF 297HF 448HF 449)




  • Suicide epidemic reflects a crisis of meaning, purpose, destiny in society and human beings. People are disconnected, from each other and from God.  Suffering in life seems unavoidable, but the tragedy of hopelessness and despair must be met with a culture that affirms the value of each and every person, as a child of God for all eternity. (HF 2425HF 2274)


Elect Jeff Shipley for Genuine Healing!  -- Vote Nov. 3rd



If you're still reading, thank you!


There's no shortage of room for improvement in our health and well-being, and sometimes I get overwhelmed just thinking of where to begin!


At least for me it begins with a simple conscious decision to affirm my personal health and wellness, and I pray I can set a decent example.


As a society, the overwhelming pandemic response highlights the willingness to drastically transform society in the name of health.


Our leaders and the people are willing to tolerate any sacrifice or loss of liberty, even if it just saves one life from the dreaded coronavirus.


So we must make some big changes!


This is OUR chance to radically redesign our health systems. It’s time for us to lead the health discussion, and create the genuine healing our world is so desperate for.


No one can do it alone, so I look forward to working with YOU to guarantee the health of our community for generations to come!


Written with Health, Happiness, and Gratitude,


Jeff Shipley

Acknowledging my constituents Jon and Kathy as public health heroes on the floor of the Iowa House for their work on EMF issues. (Feb. 2019)


Drafting vaccine safety legislation in the LSA offices. (Feb. 2019)

The efforts of dedicated activists is the only way anything gets done!



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