Peace and Prosperity Report Vol. 10

"Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see" - Hebrews 11:1 NIV


Friends and Neighbors,

We are living in a changing world, a time of great transformation.

The months ahead could very well set the course for the rest of the century.

As human beings, we have conscious power to decide what kind of world we live in.

I hope we can work together to create a world of health and happiness.

Celebrating a Happy Mothers Day!


Public Health Emergency


After eight weeks of ‘substantial community spread’ of coronavirus, we now have data to give us a clearer picture of the health risks we’re facing.


Thank heavens Iowa has largely been spared from the brunt of the virus. You can track Iowa data here:


There’s been controversy in the reporting of fatalities for COVID-19. Comparing annual total death figures gives an overall snapshot of pandemic severity. 

As you can see from these numbers from IDPH, deaths in the state of Iowa for 2020 are presently very similar to 2019.


Most of the severe outbreaks of COVID-19 resulting in death have been on the east coast. But even still, the number of severe cases and fatalities are far fewer than anything predicted by the experts and health authorities.


As the data continues to come in nationwide, the CDC has already compared this outbreak to a severe flu season.


We shut down society and cancelled everything to slow the spread of the virus, or else our healthcare systems would be overrun.


“15 days to flatten the curve” is what we were told… 


Thankfully in Iowa, the end of the emergency is in sight, as the Governor proclaims that our healthcare systems have plenty of capacity and are well equipped.


Other areas of the country aren’t so lucky as citizens are being instructed to brace for additional months of house arrest.


It’s worth noting that the impact of lockdowns on disease spread is not immediately apparent. 


Sweden is a notable example for taking less aggressive authoritarian measures and not experiencing adverse health outcomes.

Even the overwhelmingly globalist journal Foreign Affairs remarks:

Much about the disease remains poorly understood, but countries that are locked down now could very well face new and even more severe outbreaks down the road. If these countries follow the Swedish path to herd immunity, the total cost of the pandemic will decrease, and it will likely end sooner.”


Pestilence, plague and disease have been in this world since the beginning of time…

Human freedom is a more recent occurrence.


Public health strategies that don’t preserve freedom will certainly be a curse that’s worse than the disease.

We must shift focus to personal health strategies that can optimize an individual’s well-being. We must not live like helpless victims to the forces of illness.


I encourage everyone to make conscious purposeful decisions to proactively promote health and healing. First and foremost, health is a state of mind before its a state of body.

Personal responsibility, critically engaged and healthy minds, is what will protect our prosperity and the spirit of America.


But there are some things that are beyond our control…


And that’s where prayer and faith plays an important role, acting with the wisdom that God is ultimately in control, and that God is good and loves us beyond imagination.


The peace that transcends all understanding…


I hope we can cultivate our spiritual maturity to the point where accepting death as a part of life leads to living each and every moment with greater appreciation and love.


That would be a magnificent public health outcome!


"Make Southeast Iowa God's Country Again!" #MSEIAGCA


I don’t want to live in a science fiction dystopia


"We're taking things that are genetically-modified organisms and we're injecting them into little kid's arms, we just shoot 'em right into the vein." - Bill Gates


As important as proactively declaring the world you wish to live in is, equally important is clarifying that which you do not want.


How does someone articulate a useful thought in a time like this?


The last thing the world needs is more mindless pontification and repetition.


A certain segment becomes arrogantly assertive of unproven beliefs.... beholden to the official establishment dogma.


But like many, I sit here watching the days unfold with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach...


Many recent events are disturbing based on magnitude alone:


  • US Workers have filed over 33 million claims for unemployment


  • Treasury Department has announced $4.5 TRILLION in new debt


  • Federal Reserve has ‘printed’ $2.5 TRILLION new dollars in the last eight weeks


  • New York, California, Illinois, teeter at the edge of financial catastrophe

Other events are disturbing on the basis of what they reveal about our world, the ethical questions raised, and the agendas that are not well understood by an unwitting public:




There is so much that needs to be said about the current public health emergency; many complex topics requiring in depth critical thinking mature sober analysis.


Frankly, I’m still doing my best to wrap my head around so much of this.


But perhaps the best starting point is just imagining the world we’d most like to live in.


Let us not be naive to the fact that global elites are keen on pushing a certain agenda for the world.

...and there are some fates that are worse than death.


In response, we must be conscious and deliberate in advancing an alternative vision. It’s not enough to simply react to whatever is in the news.


We must create the world we wish to live, we must be the change we wish to see.


Legislature will resume June 3rd

After 11 long weeks of suspension, the legislature is set to resume it’s duties the morning of June 3rd.


I encourage all Iowans to get engaged in the legislative process, it's important the voice of the people is heard loud and clear.


The legislature’s chief constitutional duty is to pass a budget.


This will be an enormously difficult task anticipating a severe revenue shortfall with hundreds of thousands of Iowans looking to the state for assistance.


Other legislative topics that are on the table:


  • Identifying key priorities for economic relief
  • Education reforms to incorporate distance learning
  • Election bill to ensure safe and secure elections in a post-virus world

My personal priority will be revisiting the state’s emergency powers and crafting more specificity on what constitutes a health emergency.


I’m hearing a lot of concern around the state’s power for compulsory treatments and imposing quarantines, including mandatory vaccinations.


A lot of Iowans have asked me to take a proactive role in protecting them from a mandatory vaccine.


That’s a project I’m happy to help with and I’m presently working on shaping those efforts.


Given the hysteria surrounding the present coronavirus, it’s not unthinkable that our government could deploy a potentially harmful vaccine.


That’s exactly what happened in 1976.


Many prominent voices in vaccinology are sounding the alarm on the potential for an unsafe coronavirus vaccine, even Bill Gates admits that 1 in 10,000 could see serious side affects.


Despite those clear warnings, regulators still express a desire to take serious shortcuts with safety. 


We can’t let the people of Iowa be treated like guinea pigs.


I'm glad most of us can agree on that.




Rep. Jeff Shipley

Iowa House District 82



Everything is at stake in our battle for medical freedom. I'd be honored to have you show your support with a generous financial contribution. I know the special interests will throw everything they have against me, but with you're support, I won't give an inch.

Please give today, you and I have everything to lose if we're not successful.

I pledge my name, my fortune, and my sacred honor for freedom!


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