Let's Pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act!

Joe Biden is launching his assault against gun owners.

Biden knows he doesn't have the votes in the Senate, so he is resorting to executive action though the ATF.

Naked Authoritarian Dictates:


1. Outlaws AR-15 pistol braces (and all other pistol braces)

2. Mandates serial numbers on lower receivers

3. Mandates serial numbers on upper receivers


These rules are set to take effect in August and June of this year -- and this erosion of gun rights will only be the start if we don't stand up and PROTECT FREEDOM.

Joe Biden is building the largest government database of firearms and firearm accessories in the history of our nation.

This system is designed to turn law-abiding gun owners into criminals.

I will not allow Joe Biden to turn law-abiding Iowans into felons overnight.

Iowa law enforcement must not be complicit in enforcing unconstitutional mandates.

That's why I introduced the Second Amendment Preservation Act, to ensure that the God-given rights of Iowans are always protected.

Please sign my petition immediately to let me know you stand with me in defense of our Second Amendment rights here in Iowa.

--Rep. Jeff Shipley, Iowa House District 82


Whereas: Joe Biden and the radical Left are committed to erasing the 2nd Amendment;

Whereas: Joe Biden's ATF has announced 3 unconstitutional mandates, which take effect this summer, designed to make criminals out of gun owners

Whereas: The State of Iowa provides the last line of defense against out-of-control federal actions;

Therefore: We call on our Iowa State Representatives, State Senators and Governor to protect our state by passing the Second Amendment Preservation Act in 2022 to safeguard Iowans from out-of-control gun rights infringements coming from DC.

Will you sign?