"Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education"

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  "The Purpose of Education" 1947


It's easy to predict the future of society. All you have to do is look at our education system...


Is Iowa reaching up to the standard of 'true education' set forth by MLK jr.?


Given the increasing number of frustrated students, parents, and faculty...


The State of Iowa's Education System needs an overhaul to adapt to our evolving world.


Simply put, there are too many young people who are not equipped to hand the challenges of the real world.


Our mission as educators must be to activate a passion for lifelong learning...


Jeff Shipley is the leader who can make dreams come true for Iowa Students



  • Focus on tangible skills and trades, and the basics of reading and writing



  • Not every student thrives in public school, school districts can sometimes have trouble meeting special needs


  • Flexible School Finance reform to ensure education dollars are put to the highest use for each and every unique student



Jeff Shipley's ESA proposal gives students responsibility and incentive for their achievement, and a head start to achieve their dreams


Nearly $3.5 billion in education spending is by far the largest share of the state's budget



We need your help getting our message to voters!

The race for HD 82 will set the course for the next decade in Iowa education policy.


Please help ensure voters can make a clear choice education system Iowans deserve!





We need your help!


Education finance is a complex topic, but one we must dive into head first because parents deserve the absolute best for their children and our tax dollars.


If you're willing to host a small gathering of friends and family, we'd love to have Jeff present the detailed proposal for Education Savings Accounts as drafted in HF 2261.

Your support and feedback on policy proposals is critical to move our agenda through the House Education Committee.


And as always, your financial support is critical to get this message in the hands of voters.


Thank you for all you do to make Iowa peaceful and prosperous!


Sincerely -- With Gratitude,


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