Peace & Prosperity Legislative Update


Legislative session is racing forward. The first legislative funnel deadline is in two weeks, marking the busiest period of the session.


Each moment of every day, my colleagues and I are contemplating the most important questions facing Iowans.


The delicate boundaries of freedom and liberty, sacredness of personal health, are vital conversations that all Iowans must have together.


I'm deeply thankful for the opportunity to help lead Iowans through these complex and challenging issues, especially grateful for each person coming to the table, charting the future of our state



ABATE PAC advocating for motorcycle safety and registering their opinions on the Governor's blended fuel proposal. Sharing HyVee breakfast burritos with Iowans is among the greatest joys of working at the capitol!


Legislative Projects

You can keep track of all my legislative initiatives through my legislative portal.

Here are a few of the big picture ideas I feel will really support Iowa's lasting peace and prosperity.


Medical Freedom -- SF 193  HF 330

Senate File 193, a bill creating a framework protecting medical freedom, advanced in Senate subcommittee this past Tuesday.


This controversial bill would prevent employers from requiring a vaccine, such as the flu shot or the new experimental mRNA COVID-19 shot, as a condition of employment.

Further, the bill would prevent pediatric practices from refusing to see patients based on vaccination records. Pediatricians have been accused of refusing non-vaccinated kids because of incentives from insurance companies.


You can listen to the full audio of the subcommittee here. 


I was thankful for the opportunity to participate in the hearing. I asked about current hospital administration protocols for when an employee refuses a vaccine on religious grounds. It's my understanding that our Iowa Civil Rights Act protects Iowans from discrimination in their employment based on religious creed. 


I am still working to assemble more legal resources to ascertain how this very murky area of law currently operates. My companion bill, HF330 has not been scheduled for a hearing and it's expected that SF 193 will need to be tailored down quite a bit to find a path forward through the full Senate Human Resources Committee.

Please be in touch with members of the Senate Human Resources Committee if this is a bill that you'd like to see enacted for Iowa.


10th Amendment Freedom -- HF 518,    HF 578


Witnessing a whirlwind of unitary executive action at the federal level, states are bracing to maintain their authority and self-government.


The 10th Amendment to the US Constitution declares that powers not explicitly granted to the federal government are reserved to the states.


The Iowa House has numerous bills exploring this concept, how best to protect the sovereignty of Iowa, with HF 481 slated for a hearing next week.


I am also pleased my "Second Amendment Preservation Act" HF 518, which is grounded in the concept of state sovereignty, has received the support of several co-sponsors. Gratitude for Jefferson County GOP chair Kelly Thompson for bringing the issue to my attention back in December.


Please sign our petition to support the Second Amendment Preservation Act!


Vitamin and Minerals -- HF 328

I am convinced many nagging health conditions can be alleviated by proper nutrition and greater focus on key micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) in the human body.


I've lived this in my own life, measuring how my energy improved with a simple magnesium supplement. Now I'm taking regular doses of vitamin D, as guided by the latest research on COVID-19


It's been estimated that over half of Americans are deficient in at least one, but likely multiple, categories of micronutrients.


I authored and submitted HF 328 to place the role of evaluating Iowans for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and offering the appropriate remediation, on our state and local health departments.


Every Iowan should have easy and ready access to the basic building blocks of health and nutrition.


I pray my legislative initiatives are worthy of the tremendous responsibility of serving our community as State Rep and the immense beauty of our State's capitol.



Thanks for reading! 


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Looking forward to next time our paths cross -- sincerely yours,


Jeff Shipley



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