Big Challenges & Community Conversations


The 89th Iowa General Assembly is officially underway. Emotions are running high as we close out our second week.

Legislators and citizens alike are cognizant of the urgent need to confront pressing issues, while also mindfully navigating the explosive minefield of American politics in the post-Trump era.

It's once again my great honor to be sworn in and take my seat as the duly elected State Representative for Iowa House District 82.


Our Iowa Capitol is magnificent:


I admit, it's pretty sweet to work in this building.

Although at times, it can be an intimidating environment to work in...

But then I remember all the people who believe in me, support me, and have placed me in this position.

For you, I will always offer my very best service to the State of Iowa. My heart soars with gratitude for being entrusted with such magnificence.


Big Challenges:


1. Education

Our education system is by far the largest portion of our state budget, and is the area where citizens most rely on their government.

The uncertainty of the pandemic put enormous stress on our centralized school system, causing parents and students to spiral off in every direction.

The "social contract" fell apart. Government employees refused to offer services to the public.

Many parents were put in very difficult situations, attempting to juggle child care and work, while providing their kids with the education they thought their tax dollars were paying for.

The Governor asked the legislature to immediately send a law to her desk giving every student the option to attend in-person school full time.

Further, the Governor just released an ambitious education reform package that would allow "Student First Scholarships" for qualified applicants and those meeting the criteria of "competent private instruction."

Not everyone is excited about reform, but since certain special interest groups have been exposed, refusing to do their jobs....I'm hopeful that all Iowans will work together, learn the various aspects of school finance, and create a robust education system that provides support and flexibility for each and every Iowa student.


2. Governor's Health Emergency

Many Iowans were blindsided last year when all political power was concentrated in the Governor's office.

Liberty was readily sacrificed in the name of security, often leaving Iowans flummoxed by health protocols and dictates that failed to adhere to common sense.

There are several reforms in the works relating to protecting the rights and liberties of Iowans at all times.

This is not meant as an outright criticism of our beloved Governor. Governor Reynolds has been a nationwide leader in proper management of this health crisis.

However: "We the People" must always ensure government is subservient to us, not the other way around.


3. Real Health Support for Iowans

By all accounts, Iowans are less healthy overall then we were last year.

Stress, confusion, and uncertainty is a huge drain on a person's health.

I'm hopeful the legislature will take a fresh look at the Iowa Department of Public Health and discuss ways we can promote the health of Iowans across the board.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies will be a key topic in this area, and I'm excited to present legislation on this subject in the week ahead.


4. Medical Freedom

One of the most important policy questions coming from the pandemic is:

"Can an employer require a vaccination as a condition of employment?"

This was a controversial question pre-COVID-19, as it related to requiring healthcare workers to require flu shots.

There is not yet a universal legal framework to address this question. Lawsuits in various states have come down on both sides.

I am working on several proposals to make it clear in Iowa law, that employees have inherent medical freedoms which cannot be violated by their employer.


I need YOUR help

All of the issues listed above are complex and controversial.

For me to be successful in this position, it's imperative we find ways for all of us to come together and discuss these issues.

We are all equal under the law. So input from each individual is equally important.

The more we can come together to write the laws of Iowa, the more those laws will truly serve the people.


Community Conversations, Part 2

(online AND in-person)

Saturday, Jan. 23rd 10:30am-12:00pm

Phoenix Rising Hall, 207 W Burlington Avenue Fairfield

Last Saturday, we hosted our initial "Community Conversation" in response to another civic organization abdicating their role in hosting in-person forums.

You can view the recorded Facebook Live here:

It was such a successful event, I've been asked to host community conversations weekly. I was quick to agree given how much there is to talk about.

potential topics this week:
  • mask mandates-
  • censorship
  • WHO updates PCR testing guidelines
  • Governor's education bill
  • medical malpractice caps
  • psilocybin and entheogens
  • abortion neutrality amendment
  • proper role of technology

    ... anything else you'd like to discuss!

It's my position that legislative forums are essential business and are best held in person.

I understand that not everyone is comfortable returning to in-person events... so I'm hopeful the Facebook live stream offers an avenue for everyone to be involved.

For those who do show up, our events offer generous vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as immune supporting herbs, and probiotic gut support.

It's my intention that everyone who comes to a Peace Love Iowa event leaves healthier.

Political challenges mostly involve deep and difficult discussions and achieving consensus, we all must be involved in these discussions together. 

Please join the conversation this Saturday, 10:30am!


Peace Love Iowa

Many are realizing that we don't have political problems... more accurately, our society is facing spiritual problems.

Each Sunday, join us at the Phoenix Hall, 3:33pm, to collectively present our prayers and petitions to God and ask for help, guidance, and unconditional Love through whatever the future holds.

Afterwards, all are welcome for a community banquet at 5:30pm.

There's magic in breaking bread and enjoying fellowship around a meal.

It's my hope to offer a potluck banquet each Sunday to offer the most nourishing, delicious, locally crafted foods to the entire community.

It's an ambitious goal but I'm pleased at our progress!


Without a doubt, your emotional support and encouragement makes all the difference in my work.

Thank you to everyone who believes in me, and everyone who believes in human freedom.

Sincerely Yours in Health & Happiness,

Rep. Jeff Shipley


Big thanks to Maya for giving me the honor of submitting her citizen's petition of remonstrance expressing grievances on the emergency proclamation !


Support our work!  --


Amish Dog Factories


"Amish Dog Factories"


Early in January 2019, before I was sworn into office, I got a call from Will Yoder, a commercially licensed and inspected dog breeder, to come visit his operation in rural Davis County.


Thankfully I took the opportunity to spend a day with Mr. Yoder, tour his facilities, and learn more about the Amish community and their economy.


I was immediately impressed by their facilities.


Clean, state of the art temperature controlled, daily outside access to run around, pleasant aroma... plus the animals were beautiful.



(Jan. 2019)


As work progressed at the statehouse, and as conversations on animal cruelty and commercial dog breeding took place, I did my best to stay in touch with Mr. Yoder.


I lovingly referring to the operation in Davis county as "Amish Dog Factories" to lampoon the archaic and inaccurate "puppy mill" description.


Mr. Yoder was very candid with me about how the industry has improved over the years, and how previous practices were phased out decades ago.


He was thankful to have me as a partner to personally inspect his facilities as often as I'd like and help restore the reputation of his commercial dog breeding operation.


Mr. Yoder similarly extends an invitation to tour his facilities to anyone who is honest, and is in fact conducting tours over Zoom as I write.


Most recently, I spent some time at the wiener dog facility, and was fortunate enough to claim two litter mates for our community.


Here are photos from that visit, documenting the fantastic working conditions at the dog factory:


(Oct, 2020)



Thank you sharing this incredible journey with me. Given all the controversial and divisive issues, I sure hope puppies is something we can all agree on.


Hope to see you Saturday,

Medical Freedom

"Our Liberties We Prize, and Our Rights We Will Maintain" - Iowa Motto


I’ve always felt there is only one reason to be involved in politics at all:


"To recognize the sacred dignity of each and every human being as children of God."


Hence, I’ve had a very difficult time coping with the “new normal” of COVID-19…


  • Big tech censorship of controversial, thought-provoking ideas
  • Complete and total digital surveillance of everyone
  • Government enforced social isolation
  • Mandatory medical procedures, testing, masking, and vaccination.

Doesn't seem very becoming of our divine origins and potential.

...imagine living in a world where the simple act of smiling, showing one’s face, or hugging a loved one is taboo.


Reads a bit like a science fiction dystopia...


This is the world we now find ourselves.


Thankfully, many Iowans I speak to and hear from are resolute:


“Mandatory vaccination is my line in the sand!”




As a free people, we must define clear boundaries of where individual safety meets collective health and security.


This is a discussion we all must have together.


I know some people are naively hopeful that the day of forced vaccination will never come…


Sadly, the day is already here. 

ex. 1, ex. 2, ex. 3 ex. 4


Those who feel strongly about their bodily autonomy, individual sovereignty, and the sacredness of their personal health must speak up clearly and unequivocally.


I am happy to amplify your voice however I can.


Similarly, I am thankful for Informed Choice Iowa for equipping me with the knowledge and courage required for the extremely complex and contentious topics of medical freedom and vaccine safety.

Thinking back to my arrival at the statehouse in early 2019, it felt like the scientific controversy of EMF/5G was plenty to keep me busy for a LONG time.


Then, with the help of ICI, I became acquainted with the laws governing vaccines and vaccine injury.


It felt like my life changed forever.


I was horribly ignorant of ALL the features of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, and my overall knowledge of the issue was shallow at best.


Thankfully freedom and liberty is always on my heart and mind, and the various vaccine safety activists, across the state and locally, are very graceful.



Together, we tackled several consequential vaccine-related issues, ensuring robust debate and discussion in House subcommittees:


  • HF 246 Workplace vaccination requirements, Immunization Informed Consent Act


  • HF 2139 Communicating religious exemption to all public school parents


  • HF 2141 Complete and accurate information, informed consent across all patients


Perhaps the biggest highlight of my first year in office, was  the Informed Choice Iowa : Empowered to Action Conference, Des Moines, November 16th 2019.


It was there I finally got to see legendary American political figure Robert F Kennedy Jr.


His command of law, science, health issues and his no-holds-bar rhetoric was captivating.


Meeting RFK Jr. as an outspoken voice for medical freedom and as an accomplished litigator inspired me to commit myself to the issue.



Vaccine safety is truly an area of law and policy that touches each and every one of us in an intimate way…


We need everyone to be involved in this discussion, no matter what you're beliefs are.


Personal health is sacred…


I wish to be conscious, aware, and knowledgeable about pharmaceutical interventions, and the total affect they have on human health.


I will never shy away from difficult issues, rather I will proceed boldly to pursue the best interests of everyone.


Serving as your State Representative has been the greatest honor of my life.


I'd appreciate the chance to continue my service, and be YOUR voice for Medical Freedom in Des Moines.


Please keep me, our nation, and our freedom, in your thoughts and prayers this Election Day.


Sincerely -- With Gratitude,


Jeff Shipley

State Representative

Iowa House District 82


P.S. I'm only ever as strong as your support, please help keep our message of freedom alive with a generous contribution. $5, $50, or $500, every donation goes a long way!



Candidate Comparison -CAFO concerns



It's my intent to provide the most accurate and straightforward information.


Hence, I must make a correction to our voting comparison chart that was sent out yesterday afternoon.



Under CAFOs, our opponent actually has this position listed on his website:

"Giving local communities a seat at the table when it comes to siting large scale confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs)"

Our copies of this comparison have already gone to print, so I won't be able to make a correction on the hard copy.

After discussing it with the committee, we reached the following conclusions:


  • Our opponent's stated position on CAFOs is actually very tepid and mild. Local communities don't need a 'seat at the table,' they need to be safeguarded against the potential of industry overreach, declining property values, and pollution.


  • As a former legislator , Phil Miller should have a legislative record to underscore his commitment to the issue given it's importance to the community. 


  • As far as we can tell, he doesn't. So no legislative record = no position. 


  • Our opponent is clearly not advocating for a CAFO moratorium


  • As it was declared to JFAN's 2019 meeting: if a candidate cannot commit to a CAFO moratorium, they are not worthy of your vote.


Industrial Livestock is a tremendously important issue as it speaks volumes on our relationship to our food, our environment, and each other. 


I don't claim to know all the answers, I signed onto the moratorium because it was persistently requested of me and because I saw the need for improvement in the siting of facilities. 


I was the only Republican, and the only rural legislator to do so.


At the time I signed onto the moratorium, I was told by plenty of people that I was making a big mistake that would cost me politically. 


They're probably right, a lot of smart people said that.


And plenty of constituents have voiced their displeasure that I would possibly use the force of government to inhibit industry.

I think most of all, I'm interested in learning more about the tremendous trade imbalance we have with communist China, and how that impacts pork production.

I don't want a situation where China gets pork, foreign corporations get the profit, and Iowa is stuck with the pollution.

I hope that explains my goals and concerns in a way that can unite vegetarians and hog farmers.

My campaign brings vegetarians and hog farmers to the same picnic table…

Because we all must work together to create sustainable solutions, the Peace and Prosperity of Iowa depends on it.

With Gratitude Always,


P.S. Standing strong on these issues isn't always as easy as it looks. If you appreciate my voice and record of putting people before industry, please consider making your most generous contribution today!



"Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education"

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  "The Purpose of Education" 1947


It's easy to predict the future of society. All you have to do is look at our education system...


Is Iowa reaching up to the standard of 'true education' set forth by MLK jr.?


Given the increasing number of frustrated students, parents, and faculty...


The State of Iowa's Education System needs an overhaul to adapt to our evolving world.


Simply put, there are too many young people who are not equipped to hand the challenges of the real world.


Our mission as educators must be to activate a passion for lifelong learning...


Jeff Shipley is the leader who can make dreams come true for Iowa Students



  • Focus on tangible skills and trades, and the basics of reading and writing



  • Not every student thrives in public school, school districts can sometimes have trouble meeting special needs


  • Flexible School Finance reform to ensure education dollars are put to the highest use for each and every unique student



Jeff Shipley's ESA proposal gives students responsibility and incentive for their achievement, and a head start to achieve their dreams


Nearly $3.5 billion in education spending is by far the largest share of the state's budget



We need your help getting our message to voters!

The race for HD 82 will set the course for the next decade in Iowa education policy.


Please help ensure voters can make a clear choice education system Iowans deserve!





We need your help!


Education finance is a complex topic, but one we must dive into head first because parents deserve the absolute best for their children and our tax dollars.


If you're willing to host a small gathering of friends and family, we'd love to have Jeff present the detailed proposal for Education Savings Accounts as drafted in HF 2261.

Your support and feedback on policy proposals is critical to move our agenda through the House Education Committee.


And as always, your financial support is critical to get this message in the hands of voters.


Thank you for all you do to make Iowa peaceful and prosperous!


Sincerely -- With Gratitude,


Global Mass Awakening


So much going on in the world... so much opportunity for love and healing!

Just wanted to refresh your attention with two quick bits --


1. Global Rally for Peace and Freedom -- Berlin:

Public health hero Robert F. Kennedy Jr. delivered historic remarks to many thousands assembled in Berlin.


Topics covered include:

  • public health failures;
  • 5G data harvesting;
  • totalitarian digital currency;


Apparently the German people have a memory of totalitarianism and would very much like to spare the world from such evil.


Say a prayer for RFK Jr. because the last time a Kennedy galvanized millions for truth and justice, tragedy struck.

Click here to watch RFK Jr.'s historic remarks:


2. The Wisdom has been given to us...

Humanity is blessed with a long line of heroic leaders, teachers, saints, sages, rishis, etc. that have helped light the way for our spiritual evolution.


In times of crisis, consulting the wisdom bestowed on us can be extremely enlightening.


One uniquely American spiritual icon is Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


As violent rioting burns and destroys American cities... and as pain and suffering smolders throughout the world...


Let us revisit the tried and true Martin Luther King Jr. formula for restorative injustice:


"In any nonviolent campaign, there are four basic steps: collection of facts to determine whether injustices exist; negotiation; self-purification; and direct action."  - Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 16, 1963


Let me re-state it:

Steps to Restore Justice:

1. Collection of Facts

2. Negotiation

3. Self-Purification

4. Direct (non-violent) Action


Let us ponder the wisdom and lived experience of the heroes that shaped our nation... and pray to God almighty for mercy and guidance through the transformational times ahead.


I've said before, we must realize the truth of human unity.


Violence does not reflect the truth of human unity, and must be unequivocally condemned.


"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God." Matthew 5:9


The fierceness of our love will disrupt the endless cycle of violence.


Wishing you a delightful Sunday -- looking forward to communicating more frequently in the days ahead!




Jeff Shipley


P.S. Some people got a kick out of this tweet!



Health Platform

Announcing our Public Health platform (DRAFT)


As campaign season heats up, I must put forth a platform to justify my re-election, to articulate my priorities to the public, as well as the concrete actions I will take (have taken) if elected.


It’s difficult only in the sense that there’s so much to talk about.


Public health will certainly be issue number one in the minds of voters.


It’s my position that we must have public health measures that are:

  • specific,
  • plausible
  • effective.

But it’s also my position that we’re drastically missing the mark on actually improving the health of people.


What's most dangerous to our personal health and well-being: viral illnesses, our dysfunctional immune systems, or a loved one addicted to drugs and suicidal?


As a community, you and I must strive to improve our health in all ways, always.

Physical health, mental health, spiritual health...


Written below is a draft of my public health platform.


The various planks represent public health crises in their own right, followed by references to legislation that could begin to address these problems.


Figuring out how to communicate clearly and concisely is a big political obstacle… I’d love your feedback on this rough draft and how to best communicate these topics to voters:




Jeff Shipley -- Public Health Hero:


Genuine Healing… from the inside out!


Rep. Jeff Shipley understands public health is best achieved by ensuring healthy individuals. 


Sadly, current public health strategies neglect underlying causes of illness, while corporate pharmaceuticals cash in on selling treatments, not cures.  Our nation’s health suffers as a result.


Below are several public health emergencies that can no longer be ignored:


  • Food & Nutrition is the foundation of health. Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals lead to physical and mental dysfunction. Obesity is everywhere and is the greatest predictor of hospitalization. Diabetes diagnoses are skyrocketing in children. Chronic inflammation sickens adults. Only by seriously examining our food habits can we reverse this trend, small changes can have a gigantic impact.(HF 183HF 293)




  • Environmental Contaminantsindustrial residues and other toxic chemicals pollute our environment and sneak into our body through our food and water. This includes micro-plastics, heavy metals, herbicide/pesticide residues, endocrine disruptors/hormone mimickers, and others. There is still a lot to be learned on the various contaminants, exposure sources, and the impact on human health.(HF 183,HF 550HF 2200)




  • Drug Addiction & Alcoholism destroys careers, lives, and entire families. Addiction rates are not improving and successful rehab is rare. Sometimes addiction can be explained by a person’s deeply felt trauma and pain. The current criminalization of addiction makes mental and emotional health afflictions nearly impossible to address. Rethinking the current system of prohibition could give addicts an easier way out of their self-destruction. (HF 2431HF 2208)




  • Allowing Healing Alternativesmodern medicine is miraculous, but also flawed and incomplete. It’s estimated that 250,000 people die annually due to “medical error.” There exist many “untreatable conditions” which leave patients desperate for alternatives. Yet alternatives aren’t always available. Diverse health practices such as; homeopathy, Ayurvedic, Chinese and Japanese herbal remedies, often have positive outcomes, but can’t be patented and made profitable, hence are inaccessible. (HF 332HF248HF 249)




  • Flexibility and Relaxation, people are too stiff and stressed out. Being rigid and inflexible is what causes humans to break. Health agencies and insurance can be geared towards preventive, proactive health measures and practices. This could be massage therapy, yoga, or even green juicing. Health should be broadly defined based on habits. (HF 244,HF 245)




  • Plague of pornography, human sexuality is being degraded and young people are incurring serious scars from their exposure to obscene videos. Due to the graphic and extreme nature of today’s smut, research indicates that porn seriously impairs a person’s ability to maintain devoted, satisfying relationships. Worse yet, teens are turning to porn to learn about sex and mimicking depravity. (HF 2239HF2199)




  • Radiation Exposure is prevalent everywhere. Reports indicate cell phones emitting radiation well beyond FCC limits, but there doesn’t seem to be any intention to enforce rules. The rules haven’t been updated in decades, placing consumers at the mercy of new radiation emitting technologies and unknown exposure levels. (HF 154HF 2112HF 2113HF 2114




  • Just Water, Please! Our water supplies are both deliberately and accidentally polluted. Additives to water, such as fluoride, highlights the public health lunacy common today. The justification for adding fluoride to public water is basically poor people won’t brush their teeth.To avoid side effects, fluoridated dental products could simply be provided to those in need. Recent research has associated prenatal fluoride exposure to severe loss in IQ, comparable to lead. (HF 187)




  • Vaccine Safety is paramount. Anyone who is injured by a pharmaceutical product deserves fair and just compensation. Damages should not be paid with tax dollars. The public deserves a robust and thorough discussion of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act to ensure the law is serving the people. (HF 2139HF 2141HF 297HF 448HF 449)




  • Suicide epidemic reflects a crisis of meaning, purpose, destiny in society and human beings. People are disconnected, from each other and from God.  Suffering in life seems unavoidable, but the tragedy of hopelessness and despair must be met with a culture that affirms the value of each and every person, as a child of God for all eternity. (HF 2425HF 2274)


Elect Jeff Shipley for Genuine Healing!  -- Vote Nov. 3rd



If you're still reading, thank you!


There's no shortage of room for improvement in our health and well-being, and sometimes I get overwhelmed just thinking of where to begin!


At least for me it begins with a simple conscious decision to affirm my personal health and wellness, and I pray I can set a decent example.


As a society, the overwhelming pandemic response highlights the willingness to drastically transform society in the name of health.


Our leaders and the people are willing to tolerate any sacrifice or loss of liberty, even if it just saves one life from the dreaded coronavirus.


So we must make some big changes!


This is OUR chance to radically redesign our health systems. It’s time for us to lead the health discussion, and create the genuine healing our world is so desperate for.


No one can do it alone, so I look forward to working with YOU to guarantee the health of our community for generations to come!


Written with Health, Happiness, and Gratitude,


Jeff Shipley

Acknowledging my constituents Jon and Kathy as public health heroes on the floor of the Iowa House for their work on EMF issues. (Feb. 2019)


Drafting vaccine safety legislation in the LSA offices. (Feb. 2019)

The efforts of dedicated activists is the only way anything gets done!



Hope to see you at the Peace and Prosperity Picnic this Saturday!

If you can't make the picnic, but want to help advance our platform, please make a generous donation to ensure we have the resources to get the message out!


Peace & Prosperity Committee

Creating Satisfied Parents

"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day" --Thomas Jefferson 

{{recipient.first_name_or_friend}} --

Among the biggest disruptions in the pandemic response has been in education.

"Return to Learn Plans" are creating unique political controversies in every school district across the state.

Governor Kim Reynolds was forced to step in with executive authority in response to educators' attempts to divorce students entirely from the classroom.

Locally in Fairfield, a surprise decision by the school district, cutting the in-person school days in half, blindsided many parents and students eager for return to normalcy.

Jefferson County virus activity remains minimal, it's hard to imagine the numbers could possibly get any better.

Parents across the town are urging the school board to reconsider their 4-3 decision to keep kids out of school.

Public concerns on Fairfield Community School District's "Stay Away from School Plan":

  • Lousy online programs, we need to be getting kids OFF electronic screens!
  • Gaps in internet and equipment, what kind of data plan do you need to zoom for hours each day?
  • Individual Education Programs Unsupported, the most vulnerable kids slip through the cracks when not in school
  • Financial Reality of Working Homes, how much more stress can working parents take?

If you are a tax-paying resident of the Fairfield Community School District, please review this petition and consider adding your signature.

The comments on the petition speak to the gravity of the situation for these parents and kids.

I am thankful for the opportunity to offer constructive comment at last night's board meeting.

I couldn't record the zoom meeting... 

So I recreated my comments on YouTube for the benefit of the public.

Please take a moment to listen to my proposal for school finance reform and let me know what you think!


I believe flexible education finance is the only way to truly satisfy parents.

Especially in a community as diverse as ours, with so many different approaches to education!

Let's ignite a passion for lifelong learning in our children.


At your service,

Rep. Jeff Shipley

Iowa House District 82


P.S. If you'd like the State of Iowa to create Education Savings Accounts for your child's future -- creating education freedom -- please support the Peace and Prosperity Committee with a generous contribution to make that happen next legislative session!




Celebrate Freedom!

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men (and women) are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  -The Unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, July 4th, 1776



Jeff --

Our nation faces unprecedented challenges. The future is uncertain. But as long as the people celebrate the spirit of freedom, our destiny is assured.


Please, hold the spirit of freedom close to your heart. It is the sacred promise of our country.


Freedom allows souls to soar.


Freedom to live your life. Freedom to grow, freedom to thrive.


Freedom to pursue happiness, joy and your greatest love.


Freedom from fear.


Freedom to live healthy, wealthy, and well.


May all beings everywhere be happy and free…


To this we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor!


Jeff Shipley



Celebrate Freedom!


Please join in declaring independence for ourselves and our community:  July 4th, 2:30 - 4:30pm, Phoenix Rising Hall (207 W. Burlington Ave.)



Peace & Prosperity Committee


Peace & Prosperity Committee · United States
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Shining light on local agriculture

Our greatest strength as a community is our tremendous diversity of thought and perspective.


Agriculture is the best example of this.


Finding consensus and correctly ‘representing the people’ on issues pertaining to agriculture and land stewardship proved to be my most difficult task as a freshman legislator.


The high minded emphasis on food is Fairfield’s most alluring charm.


The generous helpings of local organic milk and cream is something that always amazes visitors at our local coffee shop.


How lucky are we to have a local organic dairy supplying our town? Very lucky.


Not everyone appreciates these things in quite the same way.


Vedic City has ordinances prohibiting the use of herbicides such as glyphosate, but their neighbors down the road use the same chemicals to achieve record breaking yields on their generational family farm.


Many strong-willed vegans express caustic opinions on Iowa’s livestock industry, but animal husbandry and food processing is a major chunk of our rural economy. Not to mention our high protein diets.


As the stress of our changing world bears pressure on our food supply chain, we must never miss opportunities to evolve and improve.


A robust, local, sustainable, food production economy that can provide year-round nutrition is a real priority for community security.


My angle as a legislator is to make sure ALL our industries and stakeholders have the flexibility to adapt to a changing world of global uncertainty and shifting consumer preferences. Evolution is only painful when we refuse to let go of what’s no longer working.


Thankfully, there are many leaders building this new reality in our community. It’s my honor to be a voice in the Statehouse for regenerative agriculture and creating a healthier Earth, and healthier people.

Walking the organic bean field on the Wuthrich family farm, July, 2019 Davis County.


Glyphosate and chemical residues


Many constituents reach out wanting to ban certain certain farm chemicals, glyphosate chief among them. Others in our community rely heavily on this chemical to make a living.


Carving out a middle ground, I authored legislation that would collect serious, tangible data on the presence of glyphosate in the food we’re serving our children at public school.


It’s believed that glyphosate, along with many other common industrial residues, could be a contributor to health issues in children. More data would spurn better research.


Glyphosate is believed to be most present in wheat, oat, and legume products, which overlaps nicely with the school’s draconian food guidelines.


I’m hopeful we can find cooperation on testing protocol at the local level. The people need not wait for the government to take action.


As more knowledge is revealed on this topic, consumers will be motivated to make their own decisions.


visiting MIU's regenerative-ag facility, Nov. 2019

Organic beans at sunrise

Siting of Livestock Confinements -- CAFO Moratorium

For the last twenty-five years, the placement of confined livestock operations has roiled tension on the rural Iowa countryside.


It’s a classic political puzzle of ensuring that one person’s economic liberty and property rights doesn’t infringe on the liberty of another.


Most people can be trusted to do the right thing.


At the request of his neighbor, one local producer delayed construction on a hog facility for seven years, until a far less contentious location became available. 


Seven years is typically the amount of time it takes for a livestock facility to pay itself off. So it’s a heck of a sacrifice, but one that’s worth it to keep the peace in the countryside.


My concern is that other corporate actors, perhaps international corporations, may not have the same respect for peace and harmony among neighbors and friends.


The law presently defers all authority to the state for permitting new construction.


One radical proposal that I signed onto was the “CAFO Moratorium,” which would halt the permitting of new confinements until there’s an overhaul of the existing system.


Such slash and burn proposals are generally regarded by politicians as unsuitable for public hearings. Political inertia only allows so much movement at any given time, especially on issues regarding entrenched industrial interests.


My decision to attach my name to this bill came after many months of careful deliberation.


It serves more as a symbolic statement rather than a tangible legislative proposal.


I am a firm believer in local control of institutions across the board, so it was a statement of political consistency.


It was also a statement recognizing that potential for improvement exists, even though I may not know what specific improvement that may be.


The livestock industry has grown strong in the decades since these policies were crafted by the legislators and cemented by the Iowa Supreme Court.


So it makes good practical policy sense to revisit our laws every generation.


My focus will always be to enshrine political power at the local level, while supporting animal husbandry practices that will best meet the needs of consumers.

Hogs raised by Ritscher Farms, Keystone, Iowa. April, 2016.

Livestock facility in Van Buren. Co, May 2020

Ag-trespass / Ag-gag


Dating back to my work as a renewable energy consultant, I’ve had the opportunity to inspect many livestock facilities in person.


The livestock industry prides itself on providing an excellent product at all phases of production.


As with any institution, it’s possible that not everyone is willing to live up to high standards.


Adversarial activists have sought to gain access to a livestock facility under false pretenses, seeking perhaps to unjustly embarrass the industry or to document important events, depending on your perspective.


Animal husbandry, especially on the industrial scale, ain’t always pretty.


For instance, an animal needing and receiving euthanasia could be taken out of context and presented to the public as a wider pattern of abuse.


This sort of activism provokes quite a bit of anger from producers, resulting in “ag-trespass” laws which create additional criminal penalties for activists who encroach on livestock facilities.


Recently, the Iowa Legislature approved an expanded law that would apply to food processing facilities as well.

Proponents say this is necessary due to radical activists infiltrating operations and putting livelihoods and the agriculture economy at risk.


Detractors feel these “ag-gag” measures are meant to harshly silence whistleblowers. 


Two previous ag-trespass laws are being litigated in the courts over first amendment issues.


When this issue first crossed my legislative desk in March, 2019, it was the first time I really felt challenged. I had to sit and think this through.


Adding to the challenge was the pressure I received from legislative leadership and my colleagues to vote in favor of this issue. It was the first time I really saw tempers flare at the statehouse. Looking back, it’s funny. But at the time it was decidedly not fun.


Once I was able to drown out the noise and think clearly, my first vote against the “ag-trespass” bill became the right thing to do in my mind, and I have consistently voted ‘nay’ ever since.


I believe in freedom. I do not believe additional criminal sanctions are necessary.


I also have faith in consumers. We’re not all naive. We understand that industrial livestock and food processing comes with certain elements that may not be flattering for cameras. But we say our prayers before we eat and do the best with what we have.


It’s tough to imagine the life of a hog whose only purpose in this world is to satisfy someone else’s hunger. But that’s why it was brought into this world.


Many constituents claim grievous ethical complaints on the existing industry. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if you’re going to complain, make sure you’re taking proactive action to support what you would like to see.


Admittedly, there are many aspects, in very many industries, that could use the bright light of awareness. But building something new is always superior to tearing others down.


The buying patterns of consumers is the most powerful force in our market economy. Any conscious capitalism requires the thoughtful and deliberate allocation of dollars in alignment with personal values.

Proud to stand with Iowa Cattlemen and women at the State Fair! Aug. 2019 

Grateful for Constituents!

Local film producer, Luke Stenger, recently had me on his podcast, The Steng Show.

I'm extremely thankful for this opportunity to explore difficult and complex topics over a longer period of time. Luke was an excellent host and asked sincere questions, meant to cultivate understanding.

In today's tense political environment, there is room for disagreement, but there's never an excuse not to try to understand another's point of view.

That's the sort of ignorance that's tearing the fabric of our society apart.

Please give Luke's podcast a listen and give a like, share or comment if you feel it's worthwhile.

As citizens, we must be taking the lead on difficult conversations, not ignoring them.

north-facing view from top of Heartland Co-op grain elevator

Visiting Hickenbottom Farms, Libertyville and witnessing their organic inspection, Oct. 2019

Gov. Reynolds and local cattle superstar Hannah Peck at last year's charity steer show, State Fairgrounds, Aug 2019


Thank you again for the opportunity to serve as your State Representative.

As I mentioned, these agriculture issues have been the toughest for me for many reasons. I welcome any and all feedback and always look forward to the opportunity to learn more.

We must ensure our rural economy is vital and prosperous for generations to come! Let's all work together to make that a reality. 


Sincerely Yours,

Rep. Jeff Shipley